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Raw Porridge is the Ultimate Comfort Food

19 Mar

I used to love porridge the way my Mum makes it; boiled for a long time in warm, sugary, full cream milk and honey, with a blob of salty melting butter and dash of cinnamon on the top. As incredible as it is – it is a total no go in terms of maintaining a daily raw diet, or even a basic, fat managed diet for that matter, but that only spurred me on to find a raw version that comes close in flavour.

raw porridge is better than cooked porridge!!!

raw porridge is better than cooked porridge!!!

The first place to start when making the perfect raw porridge is to get the base flavour right. The base, of course, is the oats. I took my inspiration from the traditional Dr. Bircher-Benner’s muesli recipes and soaked my oats overnight in a variety of nutritious (non dairy) liquids. These included coconut juice, lemon juice and water, water, apple juice, apple and ginger juice, carrot juice and rice milk. 

In order of increasing sweetness, I recommend rice milk, coconut water or apple juice.

The ingredients (for two)
2 cups of raw gluten free (if possible) oats
1 handful raisins
1 tablespoon linseeds

Soak those ingredients in 1 cup of freshly juiced apple juice (I love Braeburns) overnight then add the following for your perfect comfort breakfast:

1 grated apple
4 x almonds (crushed)
1 tablespoon sunflower seeds
1 teaspoon cinnamon

How to make it
Mix up and eat up. The raisins are sweet and plump, the linseeds also juice it up while the nuts add texture.

Tip 1

Of course you can add your favourite seeds, nuts, dried fruits (soak them overnight too), fresh fruits and dessicated coconut. Mashed banana is also sensational and maple syrup with pecans or grated 100% cocao make for a decadent flavour.

Tip 2
And – if you like a semolina texture – blend it. It’s really yummy, but personally, I prefer it chunky.

Tip 3
If linseeds aren’t enough and you really need some extra roughage – add pysllium (stir it in the morning and eat it quickly).

This porridge is not the same buttery, hot, comfort porridge as Mum’s – it’s better.  Sorry Mum! It’s just as delicious and a million times more nutritious. Raw comfort food at its best.

Is water raw?

15 Mar
There's 'raw' water and then there's 'raw' water

There's 'raw' water and then there's 'raw' water

Having yet another debate with my carnivorous friends about the point of a raw fruit and vegetable diet, I was asked what seemed to be a ridiculous question. Is water raw? My answer was immediately a resounding ‘yes’, however, rather annoyingly, my research could be interpreted to suggest otherwise.

Raw water is defined as the water that comes directly from a natural source such as a stream, river or well. This means it will certainly contain many impurities ranging from dissolved minerals and plain old dirt and leaves, to sewerage, bacteria and even dangerous chemicals such as leached insecticides and pesticides. Hence and thankfully so, raw water is treated to make it fit for our consumption. This treatment is extensive and consists of sedimentation, coagulation, filtration, disinfection, conditioning, softening, fluoridation, removal of tastes and odours, corrosion control, algae control, and aeration.

So – is water raw even though it has withstood every possible type of process?

Despite the small issue of the processes above, my answer stubbornly remains ‘yes’.  My conclusion is based on the fact that the fundamental molecular structure of the water is not altered even it has been ‘treated’. Whereas the result of processing or cooking, say a tomato or potato, alters the molecular state of the food irreversibly.

Our bodies will still benefit from consuming the hydrogen and oxygen that makes up that water, whether it has been boiled, frozen, softened or aerated. The answer is yes, yes, yes, and yes. For the purposes of enjoying a raw fruit and vegetable diet, in my opinion, water is ‘raw’.