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ok tasting, hideous looking, seriously good-for-you green smoothies

13 Jul
Looks like nuclear waste but does wonders for your system

Looks like nuclear waste but does wonders for your system

I’ve been back from Thailand for a month and I am proud to say that I’ve been drinking green smoothies for breakfast every day.  Thank you Jennifer! As exciting as this news must be to you, I have to confess that I haven’t quite figured out how to make them taste really, really delicious. I have tried numerous options and I haven’t cracked it. And when I looked at this morning’s concoction, I asked myself  ‘What the hell am I doing drinking that disgusting looking muck?’ 

These browny-green-muddy smoothies may not taste of heaven exactly, but they are definitely drinkable.  I’m sure that’s sold you!  The selling point of these is not flavour (although I will persist) – they give me all the nutrients I need for my day, a full stomach  (I make a litre at a time), and thanks to the enzymes and extra fibre; clear skin, a tougher immune system, a regular digestive system, a positive outlook (thanks B12) and more energy. 

So – I thought I would chill the perfectionist streak in me and release these recipes for your own continued exploration into the world of raw green smoothy health and happiness.

Here are my recipes for ‘ok’ tasting green smoothies:

¼ blender full of fruit
¾ blender full of dark green leaves
A plugged-in blender

Locally produced, ripe fruit in season
1/3 bag of baby spinach
1/3 bag of water cress (this can make it spicey so be careful…)
½ a lettuce (not iceberg)
A big stack of sprouts (I go for alfalfa)
1/3 cucumber
1 x glass of water/coconut water
Juice of a lime/lemon.

Add the fruit first, then the greens and the water and then blend.

As for fruit:
Amongst others, I tried honey dew melon, cantaloupe, strawberries, pear, pineapple and apple.  I particularly recommend a combo of 2 apples and half a punnet of strawberries or 2 apples and 1/3 of a pineapple and the flesh of a passionfruit only added after blending.

As for supplements:
I add spirulina algae (Hawaiian variety), which smells HIDEOUS, but it’s a great way to get B12;
Probiotics in powder form;
1 tbpsn of soaked flax seeds (added after blending), and
When I really don’t feel like the slightly grassy taste, I add 2 BIG tablespoons of raw cacao powder.

A, B1, B6, B12, C, K, folate, iron, calcium and more…

Enzymes are the Secret to Everlasting Gorgeousness

5 May

You won’t find the secret to looking and feeling young, gorgeous and happy, in a cult, ashram or monastry, by taking illegal (or legal) drugs, succombing to botox, ‘investing’ in Laboutin, Chanel or a Birkin, or by meditating in a Nepalese mountain cave for 12 years – you’ll find ‘it’ in the fruit and vege section of Sainsbury’s.  The secret is enzymes. If there is one single, fundamental reason to eat tonnes of raw fruit and vegetables 100% of the time – it is these little beauties. 

Live longer, happier and even more beautiful with raw food enzymes

Live longer, happier and look even more beautiful with raw food enzymes

Basically, enzymes are sensitive proteins that exist in every ‘living thing’ on Earth and these lovely life-enhancing molecules are very easily destroyed through the heat and the cooking process.  So, it’s a  no-brainer – forget plastic surgery and anti-depressants – just get on with it and eat raw.

I found this great and informative article about enzymes on Raw Epicurean. Here’s a brief extract:

‘Enzyme rich foods such as raw vegetables and fruits offer the easiest means of digestion; and consequently, the more easy to digest the foods, the less energy your digestive system uses and the longer it maintains the life of your digestion. Since most all of chronic conditions and illnesses common in today’s world, stem from digestive issues, the less digestion used, the better.’

You can keep reading a more indepth and more scientific analysis of why they’re so important in our diets on Raw Epicurean here.

Pineapple Compound Treats Cancer, Inflammation and Poor Digestion

19 Apr


cure for everything except lack of willpower

A cure for everything except lack of willpower

Who would have thought it would be the totally tackaramma symbol of tropicana utopia to provide the cure to just about every ailment there is from cancer to indigestion and sinisitus?  I love any research that delivers overwhelming evidence about how one raw fruit or vege can cure just about anything but I would never have bet on a pineapple to be it.

This article from Natural News about the seemingly endless benefits of pineapples is based on research recently presented by the Indian Institute of Toxicology Research.

From NaturalNews:  Nothing brings up the images of summer breezes and relaxation like pineapple, the sweet juicy treat from the tropics. While thoughts of fun in the sun ease the mind, eating pineapple can greatly ease the body. Bromelain, the key enzyme in pineapple, banishes inflammation as effectively as drugs. It reduces swelling, helps against sore throat, treats arthritis and gout, and speeds digestion of proteins. New research is even showing pineapple to be highly effective at cancer prevention and treatment.

Bromelain keeps cancers from getting started and shrinks tumors. Read the rest of the article here.