Feel good

Besides looking fabulous, raw food also helps you feel fabulous and not just because you’re ‘high’ after fitting into your skinniest skinny jeans. One of the major reasons why raw food makes you feel good about yourself is the feel good factor of serotonin; a neurotransmitter. We need serotonin to help us sleep well, regulate our moods and balance our carbohydrate cravings. Magnesium is vital for serotonin production and is found in green veggies and nuts, both at the heart of most raw recipes.

Also, when we eat and digest processed dairy and gluten-rich cereals our bodies create a by-product of amino acids called pepsides. These have a morphine-like reaction in the body (hence drinking milk at bedtime) and many studies have linked this to depression.

A little rant (based on possibly unfounded conspiracy theories on the internet). There is also almost certainly a link between the epidemic of depression in the modern world and the change in farming techniques ranging from genetically modified cereals, hormone pumped meats, and insecticide sprayed fruits and vegetables. And that’s just farming – once this produce reaches manufacturers they then pump our food with preservatives, additives and chemicals to make it look and taste like it was natural. What’s the point???

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