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from The Times: Avocados offer fresh hopes of preventing mouth cancer

23 Jan

Avocados may prevent mouth cancer and even reduce the rate of cancer growth, research suggests.

Hass avocados, which are readily available in British supermarkets, have been shown to inhibit the growth of mouth cancer cells in the laboratory, and even cause the death of precancerous cells and cancer cell lines, leaving normal cells untouched.

The researchers ascribe the healing effects of avocados to their high levels of phytochemicals, chemical compounds from plants that are often found in dark-coloured fruits and vegetables. There is plenty of evidence that phytochemicals boost the cancer-fighting properties of many fruits and vegetables, but this is the first study relating phytochemicals in avocados to mouth cancer.

Dr Steven D’Ambrosio, of Ohio State University, who led the study,said: “We think these phytochemicals either stop the growth of pre-cancerous cells in the body or they kill the precancerous cells without affecting normal cells.”

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Fatty avocados can make you thinner

18 Jan

Very high fat content is the reason my serious calorie counting friends wouldn’t touch an avocado with a proverbial barge pole. And on the surface, they are right. However, if you look a bit closer… 

Avocados can increase your metabolism

Avocados can increase your metabolism

the avocado is a rich and vital source of essential minerals, vitamins and mono unsaturated fats that actually lower your cholesterol level, keep your immune system strong and your skin supple, lower your blood pressure, stimulate your metabolism and improve your liver function. The overall benefits of including avocados in your daily diet are numerous and weight loss is only one of them. Also, if you do happen to be on a diet, the high fat content of a single avocado can make you feel more full, more quickly, and hence, potentially prevent you from eating more than you need. 

An avocado has one of the highest contents of B6 in any known food, which we need to keep our blood, teeth, gums and nervous systems in top notch condition. With three times as much B6 as a banana, which is widely promoted as the ‘good mood’ food, perhaps we should call the avocado the ‘best-ever mood’ food.

It is also very high in Potassium, essential for keeping blood pressure in check.  In fact, in 1987,  the results of a two year study run jointly by the Schools of Medicine of the University of California San Diego and Cambridge University in England, showed a 40% reduction in stroke risk following an increase in daily consumption of 400mg of Potassium, equal to about half an avocado.

Avocados are also rich in fibre, another important factor in keeping our digestive systems happy and our weight under control. And because, unlike many other vegetables high in nutrients, we eat avocados raw, all those lovely vital nutrients enter our systems more efficiently and unaltered from their natural state, ensuring we get maximum benefit.