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The Raw Food Hypocrite

I preach the benefits of a raw fruit and vegetable diet to anyone who will listen and I’m very happy doing it with steak on my fork and a glass of red wine in my hand.

My approach to raw food is about giving my body a break from the processed and cooked foods I love, without compromising on the taste and fun of preparing food and eating it. It’s absolutely not about weight loss or calories. It’s about a living a healthy life. I have learned, found, created and amended raw food recipes from many different sources with the aim of making them even more delicious than cooked meals, without weird ingredients, processes and equipment.

A diet full of raw fruit and vegetables symbolically represents putting good things into my body and therefore it is very healing on many levels to allow such pure nutrients direct into my system. It’s just a really nice, kind thing to do for myself that doesn’t have to be an extreme full-on lifestyle choice full of sacrifice and self denial.

However – having had stages where I am pretty much 100% raw, I know the benefits and wish I could do more of it. From the amazing continuous mental high, the dramatic increase in energy, fantastic sleeps, glowing skin and clear thoughts to a total revamp of my whole body inside and out, I can promise you that it’s worth trying

Even so – as much I love raw fruit and vegetables – I love a fresh baguette packed with cheddar and pickles almost more than life itself!

With love
The RF Hypocrite

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