Forget tagines – go raw in Marrakech

23 Jan

raw street food - marrkech style

Morocco might be famous for tagines, couscous and pigeon briouats and I was fully prepared to deviate from raw on my recent trip to Marrakech but I was over the moon to find a magical treasure trove of raw delights.

Surrounding snake charmers, witch doctors, African drummers, dancers, story tellers, fortune tellers and hawkers selling shoes, bags and souvenirs; mountains of delectable dates and nuts and cart after cart of freshly squeezed orange juice line the main square of Jemaa El-fnaa. And within the souk a busy fresh produce market selling predominantly home grown organic fruits and vegies offered me everything else I needed to be 100% raw, should I have been so inclined…

fresh orange juice??

raw nuts, figs, raisins, prunes and dates galore

produce markets give rich raw pickings

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