Spring equinox is time to spring clean your diet

27 Mar

Best food to eat on a spring equinox is seeds and sprouts - see new beginnings. Thanks to national geographic for this picture.

Not only have the clocks moved forward but today is the Spring Equinox and what a stunning day for a spring clean of the internal kind. My equinox began with a green breakfast smoothie, a handful of seeds followed by an all-day yoga detox workshop at Triyoga; a surprise gift from my lovely friend Kari.  Despite my focus on this blog, raw food is of course only one vital item on a lengthy list of ideal everyday actions for living a full nutritious life. (All of which I am equally hypocritical about.)  Yoga is also one of the top five.

Today’s marathon yoga session was led by our lovely teacher Jeff Phenix, and encompassed a full spectrum of asana  (twists, heart opening back bends and core work), bandhas (energetic locks), kriya (cleansing practices), mudra (sacred gestures or attitudes), pranayama (expansion of life force), chakra work (subtle energy centres), yoga nidra (deep guided relaxation) and meditation.  Needless to say I am cleansed, almost comatose relaxed and knackered.

Throughout history the spring (or vernal) equinox is known as a very special symbolic and important time.  As  Jeff said; ‘now is the time to break through the hard shell of our winter coats and break free.’

Other magic, pagan and borderline occult websites go into a bit more detail such as this from Lightworkers.org: The spring equinox marks a time of year when day and night are of equal length, helping us achieve greater balance.

Add to this mix a rare alignment of the Sun and Uranus at the equinox point of zero degrees Aries. This alignment holds the potential to open energetic portals for inspiration, creativity, new insights and visions. It marks a time to listen to deep streams within and work with intentions powerfully aligned with our spiritual purpose for the highest good of all.

As we work with our highest intentions, we are able to align with others on the inner planes to anchor a new time in human consciousness. This weekend’s cosmic alignments will greatly facilitate these efforts.

We Stand at the Threshold of an Unimagineable Future

I love that last sentence. It’s so inspiring but National Geographic sort of dampens the magic with a more scientific view.  The length of day and night may not be equal on the vernal equinox, but that doesn’t make the first day of spring any less special.

The fall and spring equinoxes, for starters, are the only two times during the year when the sun rises due east and sets due west, according to Alan MacRobert, a senior editor with Sky & Telescope magazine.

Whatever and whoever you believe, if you look out the window at those daffs and blossoms, Spring is definitely here and you (and I) may as well make the most of it with a healthy body and mind.   To help you on your way – here’s Jeff’s list of essential daily detox dos and do nots:

  1. Yoga
  2. Meditation
  3. Eat nutritious food (Avoid processed food, dairy, sugar, coffee, alcohol) – I would obviously suggest raw…
  4. Drink lots of water
  5. Start the day with lemon and warm water to stimulate the liver
  6. Drink liquids at room temperature
  7. Dry brush to stimulate the skin (your biggest organ)
  8. Do a short juice fast
  9. Drink wheatgrass (if you can take it)
  10. Eat a big breakfast, medium sized lunch and light dinner – don’t eat late at night

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