Tesco join the raw food revolution

13 Feb

The bananas are popular at Tescos since they've moved to the front of store

My local Tesco on Portobello Rd has just been renovated. They’ve done a new paint job and added some diy cashier points but the real news is that they’ve swapped the cakes and crisps that used to be at the front entrance for rows of fresh fruit and vegies. While they haven’t exactly sent out a press release about joining the raw food revolution – I’m sure that’s what they’re telling us and I love it.

Repositioning the fruit and vegies immediately reprioritises the average person’s purchasing options; from bad to good, unhealthy to healthy and processed to raw. It shows that even a monster British retailer knows the value of fresh plant foods and also demonstrates their commitment to improved health and nutrition. I’d say they’re on the raw bandwagon for sure…

By the way – please excuse the quality of the pics – Tesco security are a bit uptight…

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