Pre-Christmas detox-retox plan

16 Nov

You may have noticed that my posts have been infrequent if not completely absent… That, my friends, is due to my extensive retoxing programme. As this rainy greyness of Winter has come upon us so has the pouring of red wine into my Ikea wine glass often accompanied by something/anything warm and cooked. The end result is a burgeoning cold, bad skin, irritability and I’m sure I’ve spotted an extra wrinkle or twenty. 

Alfalfa is an essential addition to a silly season retox plan

In light of the happy fact that the silly season is here, combined with my incredibly feeble food willpower – it is unlikely that any ambition to fully detox any time soon will be remotely realised. So I do think I am rather a genius to come up with a programme that enables my hypocritial self to both satisfy the urges to ingest warmth and retox yet also be as healthy, raw and detoxed as possible where possible.  

My detox retox detox raw food plan from now until December 25th is therefore:
1. 24 hours green smoothy fast – including coconut water, chlorella (info to follow), probiotics and spinach
2. green smoothies every morning no matter what
3. large garden size quantities of my home grown alfalfa sprouts for lunch with raw pesto and raw hoummus on raw carrot and cucumber slices
4. steam out the toxins twice a week at the turkish baths with some bone marrow numbing ice bathing and dry skin brushing
5. raise a sweat and get my heart rate up by walking through Hyde Park to work (when it’s not raining ie hopefully once a week)
6. meditate every morning for 20 mins minimum
7. lots of water
8. nuts, sunflower and sesame seeds galore

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