Scientific proof that a plant-based diet is the way to go

24 Jun

Once again thanks to twitter, I’ve just stumbled on some very interesting info to pass on. This article in Archives of Internal Medicine in June 2009, presents the results of a registered clinical trial conducted by lots of PHDs, MDs, RDs and BScs, that clearly prove a plant-based diet lowers heart disease risks and helps weight loss. 

With a very dry title:  The Effect of a Plant-Based Low-Carbohydrate (“Eco-Atkins”) Diet on Body Weight and Blood Lipid Concentrations in Hyperlipidemic Subjects, the equally mind numbingly dull article is very juicy proof that a raw fruit and vegetable diet is the way forward. Don’t worry it’s a very quick read…

The actual conclusion of the study states that ‘a carbohydrate plant-based diet has lipid-lowering advantages over a high-carbohydrate, low-fat weight-loss diet in improving heart disease risk factors not seen with conventional low-fat diets with animal products’.

You can read the full article about why you should eat more plants, seeds and nuts right here.

One Response to “Scientific proof that a plant-based diet is the way to go”

  1. Jenn December 22, 2010 at 7:55 am #

    Great post and article. It’s amazing that people haven’t taken this very REAL data to heart yet. Have you seen the stuff on a plant-based dieting promoting lengthening of telomeres to be cancer preventative? Fascinating! Anyway, great blog! I love it. Thanks for sharing. I’m a physician who just started an practical resource blog for those considering transitioning to a plant-based (vegan) diet so you can see why yours was of interest to me. Thanks again! jenn (

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