Enzymes are the Secret to Everlasting Gorgeousness

5 May

You won’t find the secret to looking and feeling young, gorgeous and happy, in a cult, ashram or monastry, by taking illegal (or legal) drugs, succombing to botox, ‘investing’ in Laboutin, Chanel or a Birkin, or by meditating in a Nepalese mountain cave for 12 years – you’ll find ‘it’ in the fruit and vege section of Sainsbury’s.  The secret is enzymes. If there is one single, fundamental reason to eat tonnes of raw fruit and vegetables 100% of the time – it is these little beauties. 

Live longer, happier and even more beautiful with raw food enzymes

Live longer, happier and look even more beautiful with raw food enzymes

Basically, enzymes are sensitive proteins that exist in every ‘living thing’ on Earth and these lovely life-enhancing molecules are very easily destroyed through the heat and the cooking process.  So, it’s a  no-brainer – forget plastic surgery and anti-depressants – just get on with it and eat raw.

I found this great and informative article about enzymes on Raw Epicurean. Here’s a brief extract:

‘Enzyme rich foods such as raw vegetables and fruits offer the easiest means of digestion; and consequently, the more easy to digest the foods, the less energy your digestive system uses and the longer it maintains the life of your digestion. Since most all of chronic conditions and illnesses common in today’s world, stem from digestive issues, the less digestion used, the better.’

You can keep reading a more indepth and more scientific analysis of why they’re so important in our diets on Raw Epicurean here.

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