Go wild raw green salad

8 Apr
Lots of strong flavours in a wild raw green salad

Lots of strong flavours in a wild raw green salad

Having ethically pilfered numerous samples of wild greens on the wild green walk in Eco Park on Saturday, I made this delicious wild raw green salad.


The ingredients
3 x wild garlic leaves
1 x large dandelion leaf
A fistful of chopped wild leek leaves
A fistful of wild hawthorn
A fistful of spinach leaves
1 dash of extra virgin olive oil
4 x halved cherry toms
1 x big julienned carrot (not wild)

How to make it
Wash the ingredients thoroughly and chop roughly.  Throw everything into a bowl with olive oil.  The garlic and leek leaves have very strong flavours and likewise the dandelion is quite bitter, hence the spinach and carrot sort of calms it all down.  I also succumbed and added the juice of half a lime to take away my worry of eating a pile of what looked like freshly mown grass.

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